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About Us

    Welcome to the world of Kids Club called Balanandam. Balanandam is a non-profit501(3)(c) organization with an aim to help kids to learn anything with fun and develop personality in all dimensions.
    There is so much theatrical talent in children, which needs a platform. Unadulterated children’s entertainment should be encouraged so that they will learn the right values from the beginning and grow up to be good citizens. BALANANDAM is committed to provide such a platform to Kids.


Balanandam is committed to encourage children to read and understand children’s literature available to them. Explain many Moral poems were written for Kids to face various situation. The dream of founders that children should respect and learn to speak their mother tongue.


The Annual Donation is $150 per Family for new members. Existing Members the Annual Donation is $125.

Member Benefits

  • 15-50% discount in course registration
  • FREE outdoor activity(biking, hiking, picnics etc.,) participation
  • FREE re-take/practice tests
  • FREE volunteer training
  • Gain High School volunteering hours
  • and many more...

Who are the founders?

Kumari Kundavi Thanda (High School Student) with Mr. Suresh Kumar Thanda and Mr Prashanth Sree Perumbooduri help started Balanandam, with above mentioned Mission in July 2017.

Balanandam Direct

401 584 - BALA (2252)/425-786-6010

You can also send email to


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